Saturday, September 26, 2009


So as of late, I have been really enjoying sleeping at night. Granted, I usually get 5 hours of sleep or less. But man, I really *enjoy* it. Part of the experience has been being in MY OWN PLACE after couch surfing and living in my car for over a month. So settling down in my own bed has been a real treat. Lately, I have been very interested in finding what I like to call "freddy music". You know how in all the Nightmare on Elm Street movies...all those fucking kids talk about is how they can't sleep or they'll die. But they always fall asleep anyhow? Well, that's the kind of sleep I want my music to induce. The kind of sleep that I couldn't resist even if I was being chased by a scary pedophile with bad acne and a Cosby sweater.

So this month's mix installment is just that. Music to fall the hell asleep to. Now, let me make it clear, that if you are not the kind of person who likes to fall asleep to music, this is probably going to be no different. So don't whine. I should also make it clear that these are not the most exciting songs on the planet. If you're looking for good exciting jams, check out VOLUME 1 or VOLUME 2.

As usual, the track listing is important. By track 20, you should be engaged in a deep, dream-like sleep. (And maybe getting disemboweled by a dude with blade-fingers.)

CLICK HERE TO GET THE FILE: thieves like us volume three

1] Apoptygma Berzerk
2] Architect
3] Aerosol
4] Asobi Seksu
5] Washed Out
6] Mew
7] The Daysleepers
8] Strip Music
9] Airiel
10] Alcian Blue
11] Kings of Convenience
12] Jose Gonzalez
13] Ola Podrida
14] Vitesse
15] Antimatter
16] Jesu
17] Ulver
18] Anathema
19] Gregor Samsa
20] Bohren & Der Club of Gore

*Disclaimer: Apparently, I like the whole Shoegaze revival stuff.

*Disclaimer 2: I know that Jose Gonzalez song is so cliche' that it even get played at fucking Barnes & Noble and Whole Foods. But fuck it.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Spent the day in the woods near Hartford CT. Beautiful weather.

John "The Hagg" Haggerty came along for his first bouldering experience at Bradley.

Max hung out and shouted at The Hagg a lot for not climbing "smart."

This rock is shaped just like an arrow!


If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you climb well, if you climb well, you don't fall. LOOKING GOOD IS CLIMBING SAFELY. Truth. With that said, here are a few suggestions on recent products that are sure to fit both the climbing needs, and the looking good needs.

Up first is Nike ACG's 3 layer K2 parka. Holy smokes. While Nike would not be the first brand I would look to for quality outdoor gear, this jacket is amazing looking. And undoubtedly performs well. Plus it pay homage to the 1978 ascent of the might K2.

Nicely done Nike. Points awarded. We still won't forgive you for all the bullshit you make though. Speaking of producing bullshit, my pals at OUTLIER do nothing of the sort. Which is being proven yet again by their new Canvas pant. These guys do not fuck around. They make simple, functional, classy digs. Quality build. Good materials. Great fit. No joke.

Design in any form is simple: a solution to a problem. Nike ACG and OUTLIER have nailed it here. Excellent work. Now if I could just get my hands on some disposable income.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


It's been almost a month since I posted anything. The end of August has been like a blastbeat on a black metal record-unrelenting, and only masked by the screams of the anguished vocalist. Lord in heaven.

At any rate. The weather here in New England is getting what I like to call "holy fuck awesome". Highs have been in the low 70's and it's been breezy any sunny. This weekend will be my fist time climbing outside since forever ago. So I am psyched. I'm feeling pretty fit after training for the entire monsoon season we had. I got on my bike a ton though. Which is good.

In some climbing related news, friend and New Englander Phil Schaal has recently sent "Jade" V15. I knew this kid was strong, but holy shit. Good job dude. Keep an eye on Phil's blog to catch the video of sendification.

I have high hopes for sending "Suspect Device" V11 at Bradley, CT this fall, as well as maybe getting some work done on "Roses & Bluejays" V13 at The Great Barrington. Both of these problems are really, REALLY fucking good. And after my send of "Something from Nothing" this past fall, I think I can make things happen. I'd also like to polish off "Dr. No" 5.13d at Rumney. That freaking thing is getting to be the bane of my meager climbing existence. So wish me luck on that shit.

In some random and fairly unimportant cycling news, I have recently switched both of my fixed gear bikes to plastic toe clips. I randomly was given a pair, and had always been hesitant about them. But I have to say, I will likely never ride metal clips again, These things are softer, more comfortable, don't scrape, and have the same pulling power as the metal ones. Admittedly, I have heard some scary stories about them ripping off the pedals, but I can't imagine how that would happen if the straps are tight. Whenever I apply resistance, at least 90% of that resistance is taken by my straps, not the clips.

At any rate, I would highly suggest checking a set of these out. All-City makes some in lots of colors. But really they are all the same danged things made in Taiwan and re-branded.