Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Thought I would share this. Last night on FOX News, they did a segment on Straight Edge. I'm not sure what the weird-o phenomena is with major news randomly wanting to do segments on SXE, but it seems to happen every couple of years. Lots of local people here like Sweet Pete from IN MY EYES, and Chris Wrenn of BRIDGE NINE RECORDS.

In addition, the EDGE movie is making it's rounds. Having just finished it's US premier tour, it's now on it's European leg. I was out of town for the Boston premier, so I haven't even seen it. I am eagerly awaiting the DVD. Has anybody seen this? Is it any good?

I fucking LOVE what Ian says in the beginning of that trailer. So good. It's cool to see old SXE dudes growing up, being old, being Edge and being psyched about it. Whether it's Chris Wrenn who is definitely giving more back to the hardcore scene than he probably ever got out of it. Or whether it's Sweet Pete whom simply states that he will always be Straight Edge. Or even if it's the guys who made the EDGE movie taking their time and energy to document the scene. I'm glad to have been a part of the hardcore and straight edge community.


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