Thursday, June 18, 2009


So, as I have mentioned already, we had a bit of a with a massive elephant in Kruger National Park. So, for those of you who don't know, Kruger is basically a HUGE wildlife preserve (about the size of New Jersey). You drive in and are on your own. Stay in your car, keep your windows up, etc. I would argue that a majority of the vast park is so remote that if something happened to you, you would be essentially fucked unless someone else happened to come driving by. That said, the encounter went something like this:

We pull up and stop because I spot an elephant eating on the side of the road. Maybe 30 feet from the car or so. We all start taking pictures, etc.

"Hey Miles, he doesn't look so psyched. Let's go."

"Hang on, I just want to take a couple more pictures." Miles continues taking some shots. Elephant is not psyched. Just wants to eat this tree he is munching on.

Miles slams on the gas. We speed off. Hearts pounding. Camera still clicking away. Whoah. That was close.

Elephant standing RIGHT WHERE OUR CAR WAS.
You know that scene in the god-awful movie TROY starring Brad Pitt where he kills that dude with one strike of the sword, and then stands there in front of the entire army screaming "IS THERE NO ONE ELSE???", I imagine that's what the elephant was thinking.

Annnnddd....back to eating my tree.

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