Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Getting my landlegs back.

Ok ok. This trip is getting a little bit stale. So I am going to post the remainder of the good pictures. And move the hell on with my life.

Cornelia on some random amazing boulder.

Brooksie doing it right.

Mick up on top of Green Mamba.

Sticking it on Pinch of Herbs (7c+)

Warming up highball slab style.

Brooksie on Angel Wing

Swear to god that I have done zero editing to this photo. UNREAL.

The infinity pool at our cottage at De Pakhuys

Miles and Cornelia's rental car trapped. Disaster!

Cape Town.

Praise be to Allah! Good vegan food in Cape Town! Rejoice!

The only bike I saw in South Africa.

Sunset over Durban.

Koba at the arcade in Durban.

"Berg" means "mountain" in Afrikaans.

Koba at the rest stop being unstoppably cute.

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