Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Well, it might not be as fancy as the new iPHONE 3G-S, but I did take a lot of pictures with my iPHONE (Including all the pictures that have been posted so far). Here are some of my favorites:

Koba (pronounced Kwiba) is Miles and Cornelia's oldest daughter, and probably the most easily excitable kid and travel companion I have ever met.

Water Buffalo Skull. Grim.

These birds were really cool, and super used to people. There were tons of them all over when we stopped to eat.

Ok. WHAT. THE. FUCK? Horrifying. Disturbing. Scary little plastic toy....with a penis??? What kind of toy is this?

This is Iberia Airlines Idea of vegan breakfast: soggy, tasteless, cold steamed asparagus and artichoke hearts. At least the book is good. Probably tastes better too.

As a result of above pictured airline meal, the VERY FIRST stop was the grocery store for...you guessed it: Soy Delicious ice cream.

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  1. I'm more concerned that the bald baby comes with a brush than that he has a little penis ... Is that bad?