Tuesday, June 9, 2009


It's about 6:45am, and I have been up for a few hours. This whole jetlag thing really sucks. Good news is, I am now afforded some time to get some more pictures ready and do some more updates.

First, in case you did not see it, here is video footage of Victoria Pendleton at the 2009 World Championships this past March. This girl is built for speed, it's pretty amazing. Check out the attack at about 1:30.

In other radical cycling news, the first issue of THE RIDE is available for free download. This is some very well-executed stuff, and I highly recommend it. Here is what their site has to say about the publication:

"The Ride is an all encompassing read. We know that most people who share our obsession with bikes don’t want to be pigeon-holed as roadies, freeriders, track racers, BMXers, XC riders or even commuters. They are just riders. So we wanted to create something for them, and also for us. Something that crosses both cycling and international borders.

The idea was to create a journal of personal stories. Bikes have changed people’s lives in so many ways and we wanted to gather a small selection of these tales. We didn’t want to give reviews or race reports, we wanted to get under the skin and expose the passion that flows through riders veins."

Sweet. I'm editing some climbing photos and other things from the great South African trip of 2009. Expect those and more a bit later on.

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