Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Just as I was beginning to think this was no longer a climbing-related blog, the clouds broke and I made a run for Rumney. I hadn't seen the sun in so long that I half expected to burst in to flames like some creature of the night. Much to my surprise (and probably everyone else's chagrin) I am still alive. A daywalker. Just like the rest of you.

And while I might be good at making vampyric metaphors, I am apparently no good at sport climbing. Sunday was my first day outside since I was half way across the danged planet. And after monsoon season, it appears as if I have lost most of my ability to climb hard. Or something.

At any rate, the weather was fantastic. A little humid for me, but still quite good. And Alexa and I had some more goes at our projects (Good Earth 12c, and Dr. No 13d respectively.). Alexa has been working on this route for a while now. She took a horrifying fall off it last season and smashed in to the wall behind her consequently filleting her arm open like a freshly caught fish. After much coercion on my part, she has gotten back on it this year and is about as close as is humanly possible to sending the rig.

Alexa getting serious on Good Earth (12c)

As far as my little boltering project goes...before I left for South Africa, I had that thing all stitched up, and merely had to leave it be due to getting rained out. And thought for sure I would get the thing over and done with Sunday. Boy, was I wrong. I don't even know what happened. A poor showing for certain.

My good pals Nick and Caitlin whom are here for the Summer from Gainesville came along, and took some shots of me getting my ass beat like a Chinese gong:


  1. what's with the black tape on the wall?

  2. It's velcro so that sissies can stick that draw to it so it's closer and apparently easy to clip. As you can see from the picture, making the clip is not difficult without the velcro. Some people, as it turns out, are stupid.