Wednesday, July 1, 2009


There is so much going on in the cycling scene right now. Not that it's a newsflash, but man. Even right here in Boston there is some AWESOME stuff going on that I am happy to be as much a part of as possible. Hopefully more info on that front later.

In other news, Morehart Films is about to drop a movie. And if it looks half as good as the trailer, then it's going to be awesome. (Oh my god, is that a fixed gear fastplant at 00:39? So good.)

THE REVIVAL/KEEP ON KEEPIN' ON from morehartfilms on Vimeo.

"In the name of good times, great spots and progressive riding, we are proud to announce that we’re packing our bags and hitting the road. Armed with HD cameras we’ll be heading out in search of some of the best riding North America has to offer.
Beginning on May 16th, 2009 we will be touring eastern cities, starting in Toronto then heading to Montreal and finally arriving in the Big Apple. We aim to reveal the riding and culture that exists within each one of these amazing cities. Filming is also underway in Vancouver where the locals have been pushing hard to lay down some of the best lines ever seen on a fixed gear. Along for the ride are some of the most progressive riders on bikes today, including but not limited to:
Tom Briggs, Duncan Lewis, Sam Miller, Tom Mosher, Ryan Nariata, Eiichiro "TenTen" Temmyo, Torey “HFwido” Thorton, Wonka, Wayne Morehart
and Many More."

As long as I am talking some hipster cycling trash, in case you didn't know, designer Steven Alan has teamed up with NYC's Chari & Co. to release this fucking masterpiece:

"The latest riding enthusiast to try his hand at bike-friendly gear? Steven Alan. Alan's new flannel riding shirt—designed in conjunction with Lower East Side track-and-fixie mecca Chari & Co.—has a long tail to cover your ass and a Velcro-fastened rip-open chest pocket that's been relocated to a messenger-bag-friendly position. There are also sweatshirt-style ribbed cuffs on the sleeves, sturdy snaps on the placket, and what's being called a "hunting pocket" zippered into the back. Unless your cycling is a lot different than our cycling, we're thinking this is more for a banana, an MP3 player, and a portable pump than for, say, upland game—but then again, who are we to tell you how to roll?

About $220, available in October"

Lastly, this video makes me want to go out and ride my bike. Badly. Excellent song choice.

Fun With Bikes! from Patrick Lawler on Vimeo.

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