Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I have recently gotten a few iPHONE apps that I think are worth mentioning here. For those of you whom have iPHONES, you should look in to these. P.S. They're all free.

Cycling Grub: This application is essentially a collection of streaming cycling news. Everything from brand blogs, to velonews, to BBC cycling, to Trackosaurusrex. It's really quite nice. And allows me to stay up on things without having to do anything more than tap and slide my obsessed little fingers. Now, if someone would just make something like this for climbing. I'd be all set.

iMAP MY RIDE: This program simply uses your GPS to track, log, and time your rides. You can then create a profile on their website, and all of your data is stored there as well. Set training goals and more. This program gives you detailed readouts on time, speed, distance, etc. Plus maps the entire ride. Genius.

Vegan Yum-Yum: In case you A] Are not vegan, or B] Are Vegan but have been living in a frigging idiot cave, then you should know that Vegan Yum-Yum is probably the raddest vegan cooking blog on the world wide interwebs. Basically, this is a mobile version of the blog. Tap and scroll through to see amazing photos of the dishes, ingredients lists, and instructions. I have already used this. My personal favorite feature is the ability to check off which ingredients I have in the application to make my trip to the grocery even easier. Brilliant!

Vegan Steve: This is a simple vegan food/restaurant locator. I haven't had too much opportunity to use this, but it seems really good, and works pretty much anywhere. Although the database is most thorough in the US. It simply uses the GPS in your phone to provide you with a list of vegan food options nearest you, along with reviews, prices, links to sites, etc.

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