Wednesday, July 22, 2009


ell. It seems as though there has been a slew of new/new-ish records to come out lately. All of which you should own. I am not going to post any of these for download for several reasons: 1] A lot of them were released by my friends, or friends of mine are in the band. SO you should actually support them. 2] It's too much danged work. 3] There is NO excuse to get THIS MUCH great music for free. Ok, here goes:


Even if you had been living in a cave, or on the space station, I would still find it hard to believe that you have not heard of this band. If I had to make a list of current hardcore bands doing anything relevant, the list would be depressingly short, and right smack in the number one position would be PAINT IT BLACK. This EP is certainly no exception. PAINT IT BLACK have always somehow managed to capture raw, in your face, blasting hardcore energy, and seamlessly meld it with anthemic, melodic, sing-alongs. My personal favorite is "Nicotine", which is probably the perfect version of what I just described. Get this record. Now. Stop reading this. Go. or rather, GO!


I will not lie. I fully expected this record to suck like some sort of industrial super-powered vacuum. I am nauseatingly tired of reunions, so-called triumphant returns, and comebacks, that I will probably puke my fucking moustache off if one more mediocre 90's hardcore band announces a tour, a record, a show, or that the band members are even still friends. However, I stand corrected with this record. COALESCE has returned with a record that drags you across the floor by the collar and then throws you against the wall. Honestly, most COALESCE records with the exception of "Functioning on Impatience" and the "002" EP were an utter freaking bore. But this record is awesome. One thing I am unsure of is that this record has some "singing" on it. Not sure if I am a fan. My friend Nate says it gives the record some "breathing room". Which I don't disagree with. Then again, Nate also said his band is touring with COALESCE, and then immediately posed the important question of "What is this, 1993?" Sometimes, Nate makes jokes.

NARROWS-New Distances LP

This band might be a bit of what is referred to in the biz as a "supergroup". Featuring members of Unbroken, Botch, These Arms are Snakes, etc. you can see why they might get that title. Deathwish Inc. put out this record, and while that label can usually be relied on for quality stuff, this record really busts out the jams. And more importantly, I would say that Deathwish does a good job of putting out a lot of records that sound identical, so this NARROWS album is a fresh cut for sure. I feel like maybe if I was a critic/asshole, I would call this album "post-hardcore" or some such non-sense. But really, I am neither a critic (for sure), or an asshole (debatable). So I will just call this record "totally awesome". It's really hard to listen to this record and not think "Whoah, this guys voice is the realness". Find out for yourself.

NARROWS: GYPSY KIDS (2009) 872 x 480 from My Black Cat on Vimeo.

THE LEGENDS-Over and Over LP

This band has been around for a long time. All their records sound completely different. Their last album "Facts and Figures" was a synthpop wondergem wrapped in Scandinavian goodness. The Album before that "Public Radio" was a masterpiece mash-up of all the best bands of all time (Jesus & Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, New Order, The Cure, etc.), and before that, "Up Against the Legends" was essentially an amazing garage rock record. This time around, THE LEGENDS are offering up an almost over-the-top tribute to shoegaze sounds. But in a very poppy way. It's almost hard to describe. But man, it makes a whole danged earful of sense when I listen to it. Also, you should look into the related bands: CLUB 8 and ACID HOUSE KINGS. You will not be disappointed. Unless, of course, you don't like good music.


There is something about DANANANANAYKROYD that makes me really want to hate them. Perhaps it's the fact that they all look a little TOO DAMN HIP. Perhaps it's the fact that there is a Siberian Husky in their music video, and it makes me violently jealous. Either way, this band is really really damn good. It's like an updated version of Cap N' Jazz meets some modern version of mid-90's emo-core. God, actually, now that I read that, it makes the record sound like the worst thing of all time ever. Just get the danged record.

VNV NATION-Of Faith, Power & Glory LP

I make no qualms about my insatiable lust for all things synthpop, gothic, and industrial. I have been a huge lover of VNV NATION ever since I was first introduced to the politico-posi-goth beats on "Praise the Fallen" back in 1999. And every record of theirs is completely amazing in it's own right. This newest offering is my favorite in a while. And makes me think that perhaps, if Laibach were a synthpop band, it would probably sound an awful lot like this. Also, I just saw them live for the 5th or 6th time, and they effing KILLED it. SO good. Feel the sweet sweet beats, enjoy the empowering positive lyrics, embrace the darkside. Victory Not Vengeance.


BELLE & SEBASTIAN's frontman held a contest. Yes, a goddamn contest to pick out some of the female vocalists for this little offshoot/side project thing. Never minding the fact that that might be the single-most ridiculous pseudo rock star bullshit I have heard in a long time....this record is a gem. And while BELLE & SEBASTIAN might very well be the most uptight whining pretentious shit of all time, it's undeniably amazing. And GOD HELP THE GIRL pretty much follows suit. The only other artist to pull of this kind of image and snobbery without deserving to be publicly flogged was MORRISSEY. And I think that's saying something. God help us all is more like it. We are helpless against music this good.

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