Saturday, October 10, 2009


I totally screwed my back up about three weeks ago falling from the final moves of my project at Rumney up in New Hampshire. I also exploded something in my wrist. Naturally, I made the smart decision and went to Bradley the next day and sent The Prow (V10) and tried hard on Suspect Device (V11). Then trained hard in the gym the next week. End result...Maxim woke up early this morning and headed to Rumney with Dave and I sat it out because my back feels like hell on a stick.

After a long and beautiful ride in the breezy Autumn weather, I came home and made the universe's largest salad and toyed around on the world wide interwebs for a while. I came across a video of pubescent phenom Adam Ondra doing boulders in South Africa. These problems are fan-frigging-tastic, and the video quality is awesome. It makes me miss South Africa. Watching these videos made my fingertips sweat for another go on Caroline (7c+).

Rocklands Season is well over with at this point, which means (in my head) that we are on the downside of the hill before Rocklands season of 2010. Max, Dave and I are definitely heading for the boulders next year. And I expect it will be an amazing trip. I can't wait to get back and send some unfinished business.

In other news, Ray of Light in this video....for all intensive purposes looks like it's the Something from Nothing of South Africa. Seeing as how Something from Nothing in Great Barrington, MA is my favorite boulder problem of all time, Ray of Light looks enticing to say the least.

Me on Something from Nothing days before I sent. Photo by Glassberg.

Head over to DEADPOINT MAG to watch the video of Ondra in South Africa in all of it's hi-res glory.

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