Friday, October 9, 2009


Ok, so this video has essentially made the rounds at this point. I think even HYPEBEAST has it. But it's really excellent. An exciting idea that appears to have been well coordinated, well filmed, and well executed. This concept appeals to me because I think this is something fairly new to the (already fairly young) fixed gear scene. As a climber, I have traveled all over. Even to other countries to meet complete strangers. And that common bond of climbing has brought us together and held us together like glue. There is little weirdness, and whatever cultural differences there are become merely an aside to the fact that we love to climb. So it's good to see this being showcased in the urban cycling scene. Not to say it has never been brought to light before, but if NIKE is on board, you know this is pretty huge.

At any rate, enough from me....check out the trailer:

LONDON TO PARIS from Amazing Grace on Vimeo.

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