Wednesday, October 21, 2009


That's me out front. BECAUSE I AM SO FAST.

I meant to get some of this stuff up earlier this week, but the week has turned in to some kind of evil beast that I have no control over. So here it is late Wednesday night and I am talking about last weekend.....At any rate, this past Saturday, I awoke to a splendid fall day. Crisp air, sunshine, light breeze. Holy wow. What to do, what to do? Go to Rumney*** with Max and Dave to potentially make my injury worse? Or do a 50 mile ride out to Holliston with some homies to the A.N.T bike open house. For reasons I will not go in to here, I opted for the ride. It was absolutely fantastic. The New England foliage is totally bangin' right now.

There were at least two hills that my poor little legs did not want to ride up. But I soldiered through and even kept up with the people on Geekhouse's new cyclocross bikes. Upon arriving at A.N.T., we were greeted with plates of vegan brownies, little containers of candy corn (gross), hot apple cider, and friendly smiles. Mike really has an amazing shop, full of character and nice bikes. After some mingling, we all stuffed our faces with indian food and then returned to the plates of cookies and brownies.

The real festivities got underway when the tricycle race and trackstand competition began. The Geekhouse posse threw down with Marty taking 1st in the tricycle race (I came in 2nd), and with Greg, Tom, and myself taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the trackstand comp. Greggles and Marty both had the burden of lugging trophies home in their bags. Sucked for them. The glorious burden of victory I suppose.

After arriving back in to town, we all went straight to The Fringe Movement open house. Because really, what else is there to do besides open house-hop all day and get free drink and food. And maybe even win A COUPLE FUCKING TROPHIES while you're at it? The Fringe Movement is essentially a giant warehouse of awesome. Some good friends have all managed to bring together the most radical and talented and creative people all under one roof. Which is inspiringly insane to me. That lasted most of the rest of my night.

Ian builds really REALLY amazing bikes.

Brian Hollingsworth of Royal H cycles. He makes great bikes. Like this next one in the works with THE MOST BRAZE-ONS of all time ever on any single bike.

***Oh, and max broke his ankle trying to free solo Super Nova (5.14b) at Rumney.

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