Thursday, February 11, 2010


For those of you that are local here in Boston. I have for the past month or so been DJ-ing at The Model in Allston. To any of you whom have come out to hang, dance, and support....thank you so much.

I plan to continue do it. It's every other Sunday from 10pm-2am. I play pretty much whatever the hell I feel like, so there aren't really any restrictions. I am pretty sure one night we went from Slayer to Kanye West. Which is either the best or worst thing ever. You decide. At any rate, in my constant need to stay busy, put things out there, do things new and exciting, I have started a blog for the night. Bookmark it, and check back often, as we will be recording our sets each week and posting them on the blog for download. Plus we will be scouring the music world for the best new tracks, and we will probably share them with you on the site.

If you haven't come out yet, please do. It's a great time. And it's free. Tell your friends too. Obviously, I am trying to get this thing going. Any help is much appreciated. Here is the current flyer for our party on the 21st.

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