Friday, February 19, 2010


Every once in a while, through the endless murk and mire of product, videos, and will arise that is so goddamn awesome it almost defies description. I refrain from reposting every frigging cool video I find on the internet. If you want a site for that, there are plenty out there. But this one I have run in to just so happens to combine many things which are dear to me. Cycling, the mountains, travel, good music, social activism, and radical clothing.

It is no secret that Rapha makes extremely expensive and equally awesome garments for cycling and lifestyle. So when their Spring/Summer 2010 line was made public recently, I gave it a look. Nothing completely out of the ordinary. Just really well thought out and designed apparel for the cycling community at large. But then I found this video:

TRANSIT ELITE from Dave Christenson on Vimeo.

Wow. I mean. It makes me want to go out and order one of the damn sweaters right this second. I love a brand or product with a story. And not just some contrived story for the sake of having a story. Because I'm sorry, but there is a difference between a "theme", and a "story". Something many brands seem to get confused about. Rapha has completely nailed it with this one. Good work guys. It's really great to see someone not only do things well, but do things GOOD. If you take my meaning. My only beef is obviously with the use of Cashmere and Wool. Then again, I suppose some people's version of social justice only applies to humans. Sad.

Either way, the video is superbly crafted, as is the sweater. As is the entire concept behind it. More brands should put at least half this much thought in to what they do.

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