Friday, February 19, 2010


So, as I posted last....I went to see a really stellar show at Great Scott in Allston. The bill was: Megasus (RI), Howl (RI), Iron Age (TX), Skeletonwitch (OH), and Doomriders (MA). Needless to say, this is a strong bill from start to finish. It was actually pretty hard to say what band I was even there to see, if you take my meaning. It was sold out, which I suppose is not saying too much in a club this size. But whatever. All in all, the show was phenomenal. It's nice to go to a show where you don't leave the front of the stage once all night.

I missed Megasus, but had heard good things about them. I picked up their LP on the way out the door based solely on the artwork alone. As it turns out, the record is good too!

MEGASUS ARTWORK. Total purchase inducing.

Dre with the metal hair!

Howl was getting ready to play just as we walked in the door. I have to say I have a tiny little soft spot in my heart for Andrea, their guitarist as we were very close friends years back when we both lived in Gainesville, FL. I remember when her boyfriend at the time was teaching her how to play guitar and we would sit in her bedroom listening to Ire records and he would teach her chords and what not. Ahhh memories. The moral is it's really awesome to see Dre ripping it up in an awesome band all these years later. Howl's music is really awesome, and sort of reminds me of a more metal and less sludgy Neurosis....or something. My only complaint was that they took too long to set up, and then their singer decided mid-song that he wanted to swap guitars. So he just stopped playing and there was about 6 minutes of down time. Sort of ruined the energy of their performance. Either way, go get their EP, because it's fucking radical.

Iron Age....KVLT?

Up next was Iron Age. I made the comment about how I thought it was pretty cool that there was a hardcore band on an obviously predominantly metal bill. Stupid me, since last I heard Iron Age, they had obviously gotten their hands on some black metal records. Because everyone in the band had grown their hair out, were clad in metal shirts, and their singer had changed his vocal stylings from the sort of gruff Cro-Mags thing they had going before to some sort of shitty screechy metal thing. They also had obtained a new guitarist whom apparently just wanted to "get dusted", listened to shitty racist black metal (Graveland), and made some comment about how he wanted to see the girls up front get kicked in the face. I'm sure this is all really hilarious to someone. But it's not to me. They were still awesome live. Their new songs are good as hell. But the reality is that Iron Age was much better when they were a hardcore band.


Skeleton Witch. Man, Ohio is a funny place. Not sure that there is anywhere else in the country where a band like this could come from. Very melodic, shredding, dancing guitars. Basically every metal stereotype is used, abused, exploited, and embraced by these guys. And while normally this would bug the shit out of me. It works really well for them. Like...REALLY WELL. Their drummer even had TWO KICK DRUMS with obnoxious heavy metal artwork painted on them. Hahaha. Spiked bracelets, long hair, denim vests, and comments telling the crowd to "get drunk, smoke weed, and EAT PUSSY." I am not kidding. I couldn't make this shit up. And I'm telling you, even if these guys are total fucking works, and they were amazing. Albeit a bit monotonous, but still great. I had some tracks by them but had never seen them live. Get in to it.


Up last, Doomriders. First off all...Nate Newton has turned in to a goddamn lumberjack since last I saw him. Holy hair! I said, this was a very, very solid bill. So it's pretty amazing how Doomriders managed to get on stage after all of these great bands played AND STILL BE ABOUT 500 TIMES BETTER THAN ALL OF THEM COMBINED. I don't give a shit what anyone says "Darkness Come Alive" is one of the best songs in the last five years, hands down. They tore through a maddeningly awesome set. I have no other words. Get their records.

Thanks to all the bands for the great show. Thanks to Steph for taking the dope pictures.

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