Thursday, May 21, 2009


Madrid. Chilling. So tired. Trying to find vegan food, thank you iPHONE.
Photo by Miles Cone, Army of One.

Aloha amigos! Como Estas? 

Prior to arriving in South Africa, me and my posse had a layover in Madrid.
When booking our flight, we had the choice of either a 9 hour, or an 18 hour layover.
At first, it seemed like a magnificent idea to hang out in the beautiful city for almost
a whole day. It would break up to trip to South Africa in to a 7 hour and then a 10
hour flight. Good plan right? 

Some key factors have been left out in the planning process: Sleep, showers, and 
overall energy. This resulted in falling asleep at dinner tables, collapsing in parks,
swollen feet from walking 12 miles in a day, fear, loathing, and madness.

But Madrid was amazing. Beautiful. Perfect weather. And great food.

It is now 11:24pm on Thursday in South Africa and I have slept essentially ZERO
since Tuesday morning when I woke up and left.

Me and Koba at Logan airport. Before the life was drained out of me.

Iberia dinner. Gross. Mrs. Dash? Really???

Barajas Airport is totally insane. I thought we took a flight to the future.

Bathrooms in Madrid win. 

Weather in Madrid wins. Madness and exhaustion had begun to settle in at this point.

Architecture in Madrid wins. I didn't even know what day it was or what my name was when I took this. 

Favorite picture from Madrid. 

Vegan food in Madrid wins, there's a FUCKING FLOWER on my veggie burger.

This was the view from the park in Madrid where we quite literally collapsed from exhaustion.


How the girls in Madrid manage to keep their legs as nice as they are, and still manage to eat FROSTING BURGERS is a wonder beyond imagination and science. 

Waiting for plane to South Africa, with the most sore feet of my life. 40 hours, no sleep.

Headed off to Durban for the weekend to chill near the Indian Ocean, watch Miles Cone, Army of One race in a double marathon (56 miles. That's effing nuts.), and do whatever else. Then coming back to go sport climbing in Strubens Valley on Monday. Then off to Kruger Wildlife Preserve for two days. Holy crap, I love this vacation. 


  1. love the pictures gavin!!

  2. I love this vacation, and I'm not even on it.