Thursday, May 7, 2009


Check it. Free to download on iTUNES this week only is the incredible documentary DREAMRIDERS.

"DreamRiders is a documentary film featuring Bill Roulston, a divorced father teetering on a mid-life crisis and Nico, his eighteen-year-old son teetering on the edge of manhood. Ten years past a devastating divorce, a growing gap between them has birthed a quiet desperation in Bill to reclaim the love of his son. He proposes a bold plan to rekindle their relationship: a 4000-mile odyssey across America from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic…on bicycles. Bill, dreamer that he is, has never been on an overnight bicycle trip in his life. And Nico, who has never ridden a bike further than ten miles, agrees to go."
Highly recommended. God I love bikes. And movies. And free stuff.

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  1. Cool, downloading it this very minute, thanks for the heads up and can't wait to read updates from SA!