Monday, May 11, 2009


I have a pretty obvious obsession with Scandanavian things: synthpop bands, cold weather, hot people, excellent design, black metal, among other things. Here are a few more specific keywords you might consider typing in to Google and see what you think: Let the Right One In, Gentle Touch, Skitsystem, Vvork, Tyrant, Lene Egeli, and Watain.

The Norwegians have really outdone themselves with a new brand called Anti-Sweden. Makers of True Norwegian Black Denim. (HA!) They collaborated with a friend of mine whom I consider to be one of the most talented illustrators out there right now Justin Bartlett. The jeans be certain, completely amazing. Simple, a great fit, comfy, and with a hidden darkness that the only the wearer knows about.

And as long as I am at it, Justin who did all the insane illustrations for these jeans has also just made a new shirt/re-usable bag combo for purchase at SHIRTS AND DESTROY, whom ironically are just up the road from me. Annnnd just like an episode of Seinfeld, I bring this post full circle. Also check out more of Justin's meticulous design and illustration at his site VBER KVLT.

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